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Articles: Airport Transfers

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Book your airport transfers beforehand to avoid unnecessary frustration

You have planned an exciting holiday for you, perhaps with family members or some friends in tow. At last the day arrives and you board the plane. As you arrive at your destination, you are greeted by a bustling airport in an unfamiliar city, with crowds of people all determinedly pursuing their own mission. Or perhaps you are there on business; you need to be on time for an important meeting. You need to find transport to your end destination, but in the flurry of activity that surrounds you, you don't know where to go. At last you find the taxi rank, but all the taxis are occupied and there is a queue in front of you snaking around the parking lot, all waiting for a taxi. Not really the best scenario to start your trip with, is it? Something tells you you should have considered airport transfers before you took off.

This scenario is not at all uncommon, but can easily be avoided. When planning your holiday or business trip, you go to great lengths to book your accommodation and flights beforehand, so why not do the same with regards to your transport from and to the airport? Airport transfers services are readily available in most cities and can prove to be a necessity in a city such as Johannesburg where the sprawling urban landscape proves to be a stretch for the public transport system.

When booking a transfer service, you will have to let the operator know exactly what time you will be arriving and leaving and what your destination is in the city you are visiting. You should also let them know the amount of people, so that a suitable vehicle can be arranged. If you know that you will be travelling with luggage or objects with out of the ordinary dimensions, make sure you communicate this as well, so that the operator can make the necessary arrangements if possible.

37 West Adventures' airport transfers service offers local and international travellers the opportunity to be transferred to/from the O.R. Tambo International Airport in Johannesburg in a safe and convenient manner. Click here for details on fares and how to book.

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