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Articles: Lesedi Day Tours

Get a taste of tribal Africa with the Lesedi day tours

As much as a cliché as it might have become, there is a reason why South Africans are known as the Rainbow Nation. We are a diverse nation with many different heritages, who have, through many hardships throughout history, managed to come together to form one bright new heritage as a single nation with hope for a better future. A part of what makes this work is the fact that while we are one nation and stand together to rise to the occasion, we have not forgotten our separate identities and still celebrate that. We are proud of who we are and where we came from. This is evident when going on the Lesedi day tours.

The Lesedi Cultural Village celebrates the origins of some of South Africa’s oldest cultures and tribes. Lesedi is the seSotho word for ‘light’, an apt name for then place that sheds light on our heritage and sense of belonging. The Lesedi day tours will introduce you to five traditional dwelling, each of which represents a specific South African culture. The cultures that are represented are the Pedi, Xhosa, Basotho, Zulu and Ndebele. The tour will allow you to experience life in traditional Africa. You will see how these ancient tribes lived and dressed, and learn about their customs and social organisation. Actual people keep the cultures alive and make this a fun and action-packed experience.

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